Follow the steps below to remove or clear a report from MUSUNGI references:

Send a MESSAGE (SMS) to 22384 in the following format:

YES clear xxxx

xxxx is the MUSUNGI reference number you received when you REQUESTED (To learn how to request a report, Read on How to check a record on Musungi) for the report.

You will instantly receive a notification that that MUSUNGI report has been CLEARED and marked as CLEAN.

Note: For you to CLEAR  report from MUSUNGI references, you MUST:

1. Be a registered member on MUSUNGI (Read more on how to register on How to register on MUSUNGI).

2. Have enough MUSUNGI credits. It costs Ksh. 200 to clear a record from MUSUNGI references.

3. Be the one who added that report. You cannot clear a report which you did not add. This ensures that only the person with issues with the reported person sorts the issue with the reported person before clearing.

4. Have enough Mobile phone credit to receive the notification of the CLEARANCE. This costs Ksh. 1 per SMS of your own Mobile phone credit.