MUSUNGI offers loans to businesses and individuals upto 70,000 to Mpesa. The processing time is within 3 minutes. These MUSUNGI loans are offered through the MUSUNGI SMS technology. Therefore, there is no loans offered via this website or any App.

YOU MUST USE THE SMS service provided below to apply for loans.


SMS is charged Ksh. 1 PER SMS by your mobile phone carrier.

MUSUNGI loans are only available to people with CLEAN records. Check your own record on MUSUNGI first and if NOT CLEAN, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME APPLYING THE LOAN. 


Below are details on how to apply for MUSUNGI Loans.

Requirements: Follow these steps to get a loan limit loaded into your MUSUNGI account faster.

  1. Be a registered MUSUNGI member. Only existing MUSUNGI users WITH CLEAN records do qualify for MUSUNGI loans. Read more on How to register on MUSUNGI
  2. Have a clean record on MUSUNGI. Read more on How to check a record on Musungi
  3. Have no existing loan with MUSUNGI.
  4. Update your MUSUNGI account with your valid ID.
  5. Your ID card number will be verified on a first come first served basis by the system. There is no way to manually expedite this process. This process takes place during week days.

 (When you check your own record, MUSUNGI system checks to ensure you do not have any bad financial records with other individuals. Only after this step does the system start verifying your ID and loading a loan Limit which you can then borrow).

How to Update your MUSUNGI record with your National Identity CARD Number (ID CARD number)

Send an SMS to 22384 in the following format:

YES id xxxxxxxx

Where XXXXX is your valid Kenyan ID number.

You will receive an SMS from MUSUNGI stating that your ID number has been updated successfully.


How to check your MUSUNGI credit limit.

Write an SMS in the following format and send it to 22384.

YES limit

You will receive an SMS immediately showing your MUSUNGI Loan Limit.

 How to grow a loan Limit on MUSUNGI.

Increase your MUSUNGI loan limit through the following ways:

  • Keep your name clean on MUSUNGI.
  • Pay loans in time.
  • Be an active MUSUNGI member.


Kindly note that, to comply with loan/credit requirements in Kenya, we are now checking CRB records and apply as follows:

1. If you are Black listed on any CRB by any lender other than MUSUNGI loans service, your credit limit will grow but not as fast as when you were not listed and your credit limits will be lower than someone who is not black listed.

2. If you are black listed on MUSUNGI references, you will NEVER get any loan with MUSUNGI until you clear with the person who listed you.

How to load and Update your Loan Limit.

SMS the words "YES UPDATE" to 22384


You will receive an SMS reply that your Loan limit has been updated. You can then check the new Loan Limit via SMSing the words "yes limit" to 22384.

It will cost you Ksh. 10 per SMS to Update a Loan Limit.

You also need Ksh. 1 of safaricom airtime to cater for SMS carrier charges.


How to apply for a loan on MUSUNGI.

Write an SMS in the following format and send it to 22384.

YES loan xxxx

Whereby, XXXX is the amount of Ksh being applied.

You will receive and SMS notification instantly about the loan status and an MPESA message confirming that we have sent money to you.

Please pay all the loans in time and maintain a clean MUSUNGI record to grow your credit limit.

How to repay your due MUSUNGI loan:

  1. Go to Mpesa
  2. Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Click Paybill.
  4. Enter business number as: 693165
  5. Enter account: Your phone number.
  6. Enter amount as: The negative balance of your MUSUNGI balance.
  7. Click OK.

You will receive a Message from MUSUNGI that your account has been credited.

In short, to clear MUSUNGI loans, you simply bring your negative balance back to Zero because it becomes negative when a loan was offered to you.

You can bring this negative balance back to Zero and above anytime before the loan is due.


 MUSUNGI loans duration.

We offer 1 month loans of any amount upto 70,000 Ksh.


MUSUNGI loan interest.

All loans are charged 4% (Revised to 10% on 10/1/2019) interest rates regardless of the duration.