You can dispute your own report as posted on MUSUNGI. Below are the steps you should follow to dispute your own report:

1. Contact the person who posted it and ascertain the details of why he or she posted you. Mostly, this person will post you for a reason. Settle with that person and request him or her to clear your name on MUSUNGI.

2. Dispute the report by sending a message in the following format to 22384:

YES dispute xxxxx

xxxxx is the report reference number as provided on every report.

MUSUNGI will automatically mark this report as disputed by the person who was posted and contact the person who posted to provide evidence.

If no evidence is provided within 5 working days, the report will be removed from MUSUNGI references.

If evidence is provided, the report will not be removed.

3. If the above steps do not satisfy you, you may seek arbitration charging the person who posted.

Note: The person who posted the report is liable to any dispute process whether one- on - one, via MUSUNGI, or through a court process arising from the person who is in dispute of his or her own report.

Therefore, you should Report what is the truth, nothing but the truth.