To check a record on Musungi, you simply SMS in the format below:

"YES get 0703xxxxxx"




Let me explain:


YES get 0703xxxxxx

"  means you are trying to check the record of the phone number 0703xxxxx .

Send the message without the quotes to 22384

You will receive the record of that person immediately via SMS.

This SMS will be charged by the mobile service provider at Ksh. 1 and by Musungi Ksh. 10.

Therefore, you need to have atleast Ksh. 1 of airtime and atleast Ksh. 10 as your Musungi credit balance.

Note: You can request your own record or the record of others.

You check your own Musungi record to be sure that you have not been listed badly on Musungi.

You also can check Musungi records of other people to be sure that you are dealing with clean people as known by other people.

Musungi will tell you if the person whose number you have request is clean or not and if not clean, Musungi will give you the reasons listed by other people.


That is all. With Musungi, let us make planet Earth great again.