Are you on Musungi? This is the question that you should always ask yourself anytime in your life.

Musungi is the place for clean or dirty records of people across the world. These clean or dirty records are maintained by people across the world through various ways.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that your record is clean on Musungi anytime because a dirty record can affect your current or future social relationship, job, career, business etc.

The main aim of Musungi is to ensure that planet Earth is a better place for everyone to live in.

MUSUNGI works through SMS technology. There, all services are provided via  SHORT CODE SMS service. Below is a summary of how you should SMS to get a certain service:


NOTE: ALL MUSUNGI messages are sent to 22384 when you are trying to request or utilize a certain service.


1. Add a person on MUSUNGI reference.

YES add 07xxxxxx - Then the reason why you are adding this report

2. Check a record of a person on MUSUNGI

YES get 07xxxxxx

3. Remove a record from MUSUNGI references

yes clear xxxx


 4. Dispute a record

YES dispute xxxx

 5. Apply for a loan to mpesa on MUSUNGI

yes loan xxxxx

6. Check loan limit

YES limit

7. Update MUSUNGI account with ID card number

YES id xxxxx